I have been staying in Maastricht for 57 days. It’s been rainy heavily during carnival break, but I was surprised that people were going wild day and night with their drinks. You have to check it out their costumes if this is your first time being here.


During the break, I visited Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. I love tapas, sunny weather, and people there! Barcelona is known for the magnificnet Sagrada Familia church, Casa Batllo and Park Guell and other landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudi. I am intrigued about the history and humanistic culture of this city.


I’m an Atletico Madrid fan. I was so excited to visit Vicente Calderón Stadium and watched the game! I feel part of this city when the whole crowd was singing for “Atleti”. At 9th minute, the fans all start singing for Fernando Torres to welcome him. I finally feel the unconditioned love to El Nino. Torres also came to support his teammates despite he just suffered from traumatic brain injury from the last match. After all, the boys have played an amazing game! 3-0!!! My dream has finally come to be true!




Maastricht University puts lots of effort in developing study atmosphere. I usually study at SBE during the day and Inner City Library after class. One of the most facilities I like is the smartphone charge station. Locking up your phone is the smartest decisions when you want to focus on your study.  Moreover, I’m getting used to PBL sessions already. Reading literature, learning from peers and preparing for facilitations have become my routine. I have taken Cognitive thinking and Customer Analysis in Period 5. Exploring human behaviour from a cognitive perspective and apply it in marketing aspect is the key.

IMG_4484.JPG  IMG_4996

It’s also convenient to print at SBE or library here. Tapping my UM card rather than type my account name to print really saves lots of time.

If you are interesting in cognitive thinking or intrigued by human behaviour, I would like to recommend two books for you.

Charles Duhigg – Smaller, faster, better 

Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational



Besides studying and travelling, I also try to attend ambassador lecturer series events in SBE. Jay Shetty: Build a Life, Not a Resume is one of them. I like how he started his speech in a humours way. It’s difficult to catch everyone’s attention at 7pm honestly.



I have also been to TEFAF Maastricht which is widely regarded as the world’s premier fair for art, antiques and design.



“It’s not possible”

I’ve been to China, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, US. When I have a request to their customer services,  they always say “sorry” “unfortunately” and try to find alternative ways of solving it. However, I feel uncomfortable when people here just tell me “It’s not possible to do that”. I’m not sure if it’s the culture or language barrier that conveys the message inappropriately. What do you think?


Overall, I like my program and its academic atmosphere. And thank god the weather has been quite nice these days. Looking forward to meeting new friends and learning more from Period 6! Last but not least, miss my friends lots and lots…..



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Jane Cai