Amazing April

Time flies, I’ve been living in Maastricht for 88 days! I was busy in preparing exam, paper and Pecha Kucha in the first week of April. It took me a day to plan and submit my Pecha Kucha, which is a 20×20 simple presentation format where I show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The PPT will play automatically with my narration from the background. I would suggest you to prepare earlier if you have the same assignment style! Though I have tons of reading per course, learning more knowledge related to marketing findings make me fulfilled. (Tip: library was always packed during exam period in the morning. You can easily find a spot at SBE!)


I’ve seen typical gloomy and rainy Dutch weather in Feb and March. The weather in the beginning of April is amazing! I see cherry blossom everywhere in Maastricht, even on my way to take my final exam at Mecc. Studying in such a sunny weather make me feel loved. I always crave for food while I was studying. Guess what, it has been shown that brain needs more glucose since it’s consuming energy. In turn, I go to gym roughly three times a week (Plus, summer is coming! Whoop Whoop)!


After the exam, I went to Rotterdam for a day. Spontaneous travel makes me feel relaxed and good weather is a BIG plus. I visited cube houses and Erasmus bridge. More interestingly, it was the event day for Marathon Rotterdam #RUN 010 RUN, I can feel the passion and vigour of youth in Rotterdam.



I tried to make best of my vacation, so me and two other girls decide to go to Scandinavian countries – Stockholm and Copenhagen for four days! In Stockholm, you can see trend-setting design, historic museums, and well-connected bridges. The gloomy weather and coldness steal the beauty of the atmosphere. I always join the city tour whenever I travel, it’s an enriching experience to know the story of each place. The guide told us the meaning of IKEA and how prince Daniel and princess Victoria met and fell in love with each other. If you are interested to know the story, feel free to comment or message me. 🙂 Walking along the cobbled lane of the old town, Gamla Stan, you will see Storkyrkan, the Royal palace and the Swedish parliament building. We also went to Drottningholms Slottsteater and The Royal Palace. Another fun fact is that fake marble paint has been used for saving money in both the palace and the theatre in 17th century.


Finally, on the last day of Stockholm, we got sunshine! Thus, we took tons of pictures and explored the subway metro art thoroughly. Did I mention it was snowing the day before?


The bus departed from Stockholm to Copenhagen via Oresund Bridge. The Øresund bridge connected the Danish capital of Copenhagen to the Swedish of Malmo. When I woke up in the morning and felt the sunshine on my face, I saw the stunning view through the glass. An array of windmills was surrounded by the deeper blue glistening sea.

After 7 hours of overnight bus, we reached Denmark’s capital – Copenhagen! It has long been famous for its design, fashion and innovation. Besides Copenhagen’s Nyhavn and Langelinje Pier, I like the star-shaped fortress – Kastellet. The little mermaid sculpture  is inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s beloved fairytale can also be spotted at the pier. It’s such unforgettable journey to visit the fortress. It make me feel like a princess who grew up from this fairy-tale scene.  IMG_7244.JPG.jpeg



(Kastellet Fortress)

I took Marketing Innovation Management and Managers@Work for the upcoming period. We played marshmellow challenge at the beginning of the tutorial as the picture shown. Don’t forget to check out the TED talk by Tom Wujec who used marshmellow challenge to show the finding of creativity and teamwork.


Reunion on KINGSDAY!!! 

This is the most exciting moment that I was looking for the past few months! It’s so nice to see MIBers in person in Amsterdam. I miss my friends from my Queens  (Master of International Business) so much. We hug, talk, laugh and just reminds me of those days in Kingston. We were in Oranje and embraced the Dutch culture. 🍺🍺Hope to see them again in Canada! IMG_7751.JPG





New journey begins @Maastricht

A Marvellous Journey

I’m an international student from China, but I’ve been studying and living in Canada for more than 6 years. I guess it’s a smart decision to escape Canada from the snowy season in Feb (I still love Canada!).  I’m in Master of International Business at Queen’s Smith Business School, and currently doing my master exchange at Maastricht University.

After celebrating Spring Festival with my parents in Jan, I was busy in packing and preparing for my Euro Trip. It took me more than 30 hours to fly from Da Lian, China to Amsterdam, Netherlands (long story). Then I took train to Maastricht right after my flight for 2.5 hrs. (Tip: I would recommend you in asking the staff to print out your schedule, thus you know when to transfer.) I cannot imagine me with two 23kg luggages would survive without the pick-up service from ISN. (Thanks Sebastian from ISN!).

Introduction Day



I received my student card & admission letter in the morning. All exchange students receive warm welcome from Dean of SBE, Dr. W.H. Gijselaers, and last but not least politie. (Tip: You may also ask for the letter which is one of the documents you would need from Student Services Centre in order to open a Dutch bank account.) In the afternoon, everyone was assigned to a group of people for taking a city tour. It’s a cozy city which has decent number of supermarkets, shopping stores and restaurants. I enjoyed it though my feet disagree with it.

Welcome drinks * 8


I signed up the Pub Crawl event hosted by ISN on Feb 2nd. More than 400 people show up in the Markt at 8:30pm and waiting to be surprised by checking out 6 clubs till midnight. It’s an amazing experience since you could meet groups of people from all around the world, you name it, and yes we got lots of shots. I’m also glad that most of people I’ve met speak English here. On the other day, we had PBL simulation and learned how tutors would facilitate the session. And 2 more welcome drinks awaits!

What’s more? 

On a sunny day, a lady came to me and ask if she could take a picture of me. Guess what, I got featured by Humans of Maastricht!



(Photo Credit to V @Humans of Maastricht)

So did I have any difficulties along the way?

Of course. It’s challenging to study and live abroad, though this is my second time. But I believe that as long as I have an open and optimistic mind, I will be fine. I would like show my gratitude to the nicest driver – Nacho, lovely Buddy – Caroline, omniscient knowledgeable friend – Eric, new friend – Guo Ai, and sweet MIB classmates from Queens. Thank you for helping me to figure out where I can buy travel adapter, the most convenient way to purchase a train ticket, and where I could have delicious Asian food….Dankuwel! Looking forward to my exchange journey!

Stay tuned.

Feb 10th, 2017

Jane Cai